Gold Life Labs Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Premium Potency Formula – HCA 800mg 60 Capsules – Supports Weight Loss, Fuels Metabolism, Suppresses Appetite, Boosts Energy – Made In USA

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***Over the next several months throughout 2018, Gold Life Labs will be changing its name to Gold Rush Nutrition. Different name, same exact products***

Are you tired of weight loss products that don’t help you get the results you really want?

Are you tired of those sugar cravings that seem to just weigh you down and set you further and further back from your goals?

We understand your pain because we know how confusing it can be to find the right dietary supplement to help you with your weight loss goals. And we live in a world where tempting (but unhealthy) foods are literally everywhere – from the grocery stores, to the restaurants, to your friends’ houses.

Gold Life Labs Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract will help to fuel your metabolism and burn fat so that you can finally conquer your goals and live the life you deserve.

Appetite Suppressant – Increases serotonin levels which elevates mood. Better mood generally results in less emotional eating. Carb blocker – HCA inhibits a key enzyme called citrate lyase so that carbs don’t turn into fats when inside your body. Premium potency – We use a pure, concentrated extract sourced from real, raw Garcinia fruit.
Now is the time to pick up a bottle and get serious about your weight loss goals! Click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button and begin the journey to unlocking your full potential.

Product Features

  • EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGY – Our Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement contains 800 mg of pure HCA (hydroxycitric acid) that is designed to help you shed extra pounds. HCA blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase. This helps to prevent the formation of fat cells. It essentially acts as a carb blocker so that the carbs don’t turn into fats once inside your body.
  • REDUCE CRAVINGS – Unlike many weight loss pills and diet pills, our Garcinia Cambogia capsules help boost the neurotransmitter serotonin which can curb your appetite and decrease the desire for comfort foods. Put those late night sugar cravings to bed!
  • MAXIMUM ABSORPTION – Our Garcinia Cambogia contains HCA that is active and bio-available so that it can do its job in promoting weight loss processes in your body.
  • GMP CERTIFIED – Quality is important to us and we take our manufacturing practices very seriously. Our products are manufactured at an FDA inspected facility and we take pride in delivering you the best of the best.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We’re so confident that you’ll love our Garcinia Cambogia, that if you don’t see an overall boost in your metabolism, health, and energy levels, we will refund your purchase 100%.

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