Skinny Bunny AM Tea Weight Loss & Detox Tea: Manage Weight, Support Immune System, Healthy Cleanse & Promote Health with Antioxidants (Green Tea Jasmine AM – 14 Day Supply)

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Appreciated for its sweetness and delicate floral fragrance, this Jasmine tea helps sooth the spirit and center the mind. With the health benefits of green tea, this Skinny favorite helps you stay fit and feeling like the best version of yourself. Make this tea a part of your day. Do it for yourself.

Product Features

  • PROVEN FORMULA: Our hand-picked Ingredients include herbs and exotic teas from all around the world
  • PROVEN BOOST: Our products optimize your body’s processes to make the best out of your daily routine
  • PROVEN QUALITY: Our ingredients are vegan, kosher, non-gluten, non-dairy, non-soy, and non-GMO
  • Formulated with pride in the USA: Manufacturing facilities located in the USA and are cGMP certified

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