Weight Loss Supplement with Green Tea + EGCg With Polyphenols and Antioxidants – Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat – Pure Natural Capsules For Men and Women By Biogreen Labs – 500 mg

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Shed the pounds with these green tea weight loss capsules that will help you burn belly fat when used alongside a weight loss plan – by Biogreen Labs. Included within the capsules is EGCg,which has been proven to give a number of health benefits, such as improving cognitive function and helping to promote diet-induced fat burn and fat oxidation, which will help men and women to achieve rapid weight loss. Alongside these weight loss and appetite suppressant advantages, green tea can also have an anti aging function as the antioxidants can help to smooth out wrinkles and repair skin cells. The polyphenol within the supplement can also improve cognitive function! Each pill contains a 500 mg serving, and there are 60 capsules per container.

Product Features

  • Pure green tea is one of the best weight loss supplements around and can help you burn belly fat in conjunction with a weight loss plan.
  • Natural EGCg extract will also aid in weight loss by promoting the oxidation of fat cells and diet-induced fat burn – EGCg can also help to enhance brain function
  • The L-theanine within green tea extract can also help to improve brain function and the caffeine provides a more stable energy boost than the one received from coffee
  • These supplements for men and women can also offer an anti aging effect as they help to hydrate skin cells, which will help to get rid of wrinkles.
  • The appetite suppressant qualities of these all-natural capsules can help you take in less calories and burn belly fat fast thanks to the 500 mg dosage.

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